Helpdesk - OPS Center


A EVP é uma consultora tecnológica que atua na área de Outsourcing


Communicate with customers using various channels (telephone, email and chat)
Ensure customer satisfaction and provide professional customer support
Handle customer complaints, provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits and follow
Identify the issue the client is facing, troubleshoot and provide an appropriate solution
Able to identify when the issue should be re-assigned to another department or more senior representative
Collaborate with other specialists to solve or properly close help tickets  
Document each action taken and categorize cases and possible bugs, so that our engineering team can address them
Maintain and update all job-related administrative forms.
Resourceful and stress resilient personality that can adapt and remain calm in all situations
Possess excellent writing and verbal communication skills to simplify technical language for non-technical users  
ITIL certification
Fluent in English (C2), German speakers will be valued


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